Minecraft Surprising Spooks!

This time of year all the Halloween stuff is in shops and it’s fun to play horror games in the dark and watching YouTubers scare themselves silly on camera! It’s also fun playing innocent games like Minecraft at home chilling on a stormy evening. Until you see him.

Horror games aren’t the only genre to create a good spook AmbiGaming covers it well in their post unexpected horror which you should definitely check out! Showing how even none horror games can have us spooked.

Some times it’s the most innocent games that can spike fear into the hearts of young gamers and Minecraft is no exception. Aside from the obvious mobs creepers, skeletons, spiders and zombies attacking you out of the darkness there is another horror a creation born of the internet and the human mind.

I’m of course talking about Herobrine that urban myth that perhaps only older Minecraft players will remember in any detail. He is said to roam the world erecting Strange monuments, watching players from a distance and wrecking havoc on your home.

He is quite the strange creation and I’ve often wondered where he comes from. Like the Loch Ness monster there is a blurry picture I recall seeing that was probably one of the first “sightings” of him.

I think Herobrine is in part the creation of the early Minecraft worlds. They were large vast open places untouched with no villages or other structures. The terrain formed in mysterious ways sometimes forming features that could be mistaken for “unnatural” (or as unnatural is it could be in a totally fictional world of blocks). And the world didn’t render as much or as fast leaving a hazy mist in the distance.

Herobrine was a real fear possibly brought on by the feeling of isolation in a strange and disturbing world. Playing alone I remember all too well getting spooked for no reason thinking things had gone missing or been moved. Even getting that uncomfortable tingle down my spine irl convincing myself I was being followed in a cave system. I can recall running out of caves or mines in game with that very real cold tingly discomfort of fear. Being convinced I wasn’t alone, even convinced that I’d seen him once.

One time I tried to create a structure that would supposedly summon Herobrine. Just like when you mess with a ouija board or try “contacting the dead” every little thing from then on that was even slightly odd my kid brain was convinced was the action of Herobrine.

Of course he doesn’t exist, Herobrine is probably one of those creations of an overactive imagination, myth and paranoia. Right? Much like the fact that people who believe in ghosts are more likely to see them I think people who’d heard the tales and thought he was real were more likely to attribute things to him.

It is amazing how the mind can play tricks on us. Gaming is immersive and entertaining and it can be forgotten that our mind can still perceive things that may not be in the game just like it does in real life. So I’m curious what non horror games have had you the most spooked in your gaming life?

Thanks for reading to the end!

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