Aetherial Tides

Some years ago, while still in 6th Form I wrote a story. After 40,000 (ish) words I reached the end. I never really went back and redrafted or reworked it but I think it’s about time. Google the title and you may find my original version on Wattpad if you’re curious but I would recommend waiting. I am revisiting the story and will republish it on ClanGeek!

I’ve always been a bit self deprecating at times and reluctant to create anything public for fear that no one will find it any good. But I set up my blog in part to overcome that and writing Aetherial Tides was super fun and I want to officially “finish” it. In some ways by saying this so publicly I hope it will actually help me stick to it!

So buckle up for an adventure across the Aetherial Tides to floating worlds, steam ships and space travel. To quote 17 year old me…

“Everything has a cycle and every cycle ends the same. In an age of steam power the universe is nearing its end although most don’t realise it. Yet.

Into this world one will rise. Their destiny is tied into that of everything. Most heroes are born to save lives but this one is destined to end them.

This cycle must come to its end so that our own can begin…”

Thanks for reading to the end!

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