The Burning Page Review!

Today I have finished reading the second book in my reading list for this year, The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman. This book is the third in The Invisible Library series an amazingly fun series following a team of secretive undercover Librarians who travel across alternate realities stealing books on behalf of the Library.

What makes this series so fun is the various fantasy elements from steampunk to supernatural and even futuristic which comes from the ability travel to different world with different technological levels. It offers a lot of variety in settings and offers new and different problems and solutions from one world to another.

The Burning Page in particular comes in the fallout of the events of The Masked City. Centering around an evil plot to destroy the Library and consequently anyone in the way.  The plot of The Burning Page was interesting with different events past and present leading to some messy situations for the group. Genevieve has also been slow to divulge more in-depth lore about her world (or rather worlds) which has made the few pieces of lore divulged throughout this book all the more interesting.

The main protagonists Irene and Kai are as satisfying to follow as ever, the increased involvement of their new friend Vale and the more unwelcome involvement of others they have drawn the attention of make for a more interesting dynamic as the series switches focus more from Irene to herself and those who she has formed lasting relationships with. Not to mention the main antagonist Alberich makes a return from the first book and is as satisfyingly evil as ever with a very cunning plan to dispose of the library.

Irene herself is probably one of my favourite characters of all time. Her thought patterns and overall manner/tone of voice does strangely remind me of my own. Her internal monologue and the way she questions and comments on her own actions is a welcome change from the usual “hero” character who either knows exactly what they are doing without questions. Irine herself feels more human and real in the way she will admit to her own uncertainty or even continue going with a plan while at the same time acknowledging its flaws.

All in all The Burning Page has been another great addition to the series and I can’t wait to get onto the follow-up “The Lost Plot”. As more of the internal politics of the Library and involvement of the Fey and Dragons are explored it will be interesting to see where the story goes and what new revelations are uncovered. The Invisible Library series is one of the few in recent times that has drawn me in and made me want to finish the first book and dive straight into the next. Definitely worth a read!

If you would like to jump into the Invisible Library Series I have posted Amazon affiliate links to the first three books below!

The Invisible Library: 1 (The Invisible Library series)

The Masked City (The Invisible Library series)

The Burning Page (The Invisible Library series)

Thanks for reading to the end!

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