Games That Make Us: What Are Your Most Played Video Games?

Gaming is one of my longest lasting hobbies, I have been playing video games for years now across consoles and PC. I have 7 years of service according to steam and over that time I have spent a lot of hours across 111 games total. Recently I have found that steam lets you view your games based on how long you played them for so here are my top 5 most played games! It certainly surprised me how the games I have spent the most time playing contrasts to an extent the genre of games I love the most. Be sure to list your most played games in the comments below!

1) Europa Universalis IV

Hours spent: 1304

Image result for europa universalis 4 cover

This one surprised me a lot, 1304 hours is not a small amount of hours and in my defence I have been playing the game for 5 years or so! Europa Universalis IV is a strategy video game developed and published by Paradox. The game was released on 13 August 2013. It is a strategy game where you can control a nation from the Middle Ages through the Victorian era (1444 to 1821 AD). You get to control the country focusing warfare as well as administration and colonisation. Europa is a really fun if complicated strategy game that I always loved playing with my friends. The game starts historically accurate but as time goes in things change nations rise and fall and things can be totally different from one game to another making it really fun to replay!

2) Sid Miere’s Civilisation V

Hours spent: 426

Image result for Civ 5 title

Civ 5 has a more reasonable play time to it. Civ is another strategy game, this time turn based. You take control of a country and grow your nation (this sounds familiar). You work your way from prehistoric times to the modern era. Working towards a series of winning conditions based on science, culture or conquest to name a few!

3) Cities: Skylines

Hours spent: 176

Image result for cities skylines title

Cities: Skylines is a game I have covered before in my post City Skylines Breaking Ground. Cities comes in the classic vein of city building games and stands out from its main competitor Simcity with its increased customisation. While not the most exciting concept there is something satisfying about  city builders. Planning, growing and creating your city is super fun. Trying to prevent city-wide gridlock is always a challenge and natural disasters add an extra level of challenge (unless you unleash the forces of nature on your city out of boredom or just for fun!)

4) Heroes & Generals 

Hours spent: 164

Image result for heroes and generals

Out of all the games on this list Heroes & Generals stands out the most from what I would consider my usual gaming preferences. I tend to be a lover of fantasy, rpg, narrative heavy games and strategy and have a preference for single over multiplayer.  Now despite all of that, Heroes & Generals is clearly one of my go to games. For the uninitiated Heroes and Generals is a free to play MMO first person shooter based in World War 2. Its tonnes of fun for a free to play game and one of the few where I have found I have at least some basic skill level and don’t die instantly.

5) The Elder Scrolls Online

Hours spent 153

Image result for elder scrolls online title

Last up we have The Elder Scrolls Online, narrowly beating Skyrim by a total of 3 hours. ESO is another slight anomaly, while it’s a game I enjoy I certainly wouldn’t say I enjoy it as much as the single player games in the Elder Scrolls Series. You can check out my review of Elder Scrolls Online here: Elder Scrolls Online Review. With a hugely expansive map covering the majority of tamriel, with tonnes of fun quests and places to see ESO is definitely a fun game and with the next Elder Scrolls not due for at least a few years it’s a game I’m going to continue to come back to.

Seeing the amount of time I have spent playing different games was less of a shock then I had expected and I wouldn’t say I have spent a worryingly large amount of time on any of my top played (thought some people will think different!) One thing I was surprised by was how my most played games contrasted what I would consider my favourite gaming genres. However, what I have spotted is that these games highlighted above are games with great replay ability or that are far larger than the single player narrative games I love which might explain the difference.

The question today is what would you say are your most played video games and do they match perfectly with your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Thanks for reading to the end!

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11 thoughts

    1. Nice I’m going to have to give your post a read! I think the hours I have racked up are in part thanks to playing games on the account when I was at school especially in the holidays and had loads of time I certainly don’t have that kind of time anymore! 🙂

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  1. World of Warcraft is probably my most played game. I’ve probably spent at least a month’s worth of time with that game over the 8 years I played it, haha. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is at 300+ hours. And I easily have spent 200+ hours with Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, and Diddy Kong Racing (my childhood favourites).

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      1. WoW is probably still awesome! I bet it’s changed a lot since the last time I played too (I’m a few expansion packs behind now). I can never go back though. I’m recovered, haha.

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  2. Although I’m not looking at my stats right now, I’d say mine are probably Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and the Mass Effect franchise in general. Although when I was younger, I spent a ton of time playing RTS games like Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Age of Empires. Good memories!

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