21 Years of Wasteland Wandering…Oh And My Birthday!

In 1997 Fallout was released; since that moment gamers have not looked back enjoying all sorts of adventures through the nuclear wasteland and also perhaps more as an aside 23rd November 97 was the year I was born making me and Fallout both 21 this year.

In celebration I wanted to do a post covering some of the amazing games released in 97 and it turns out there were lots! Aside from Fallout, there was GTA and a number of instalments in both Final Fantasy and Mortal Kombat. Out of all the games released that year Fallout has maybe had the biggest impact on me in my gaming history.

Sadly I never played the earlier instalments of the Fallout series coming to the game with Fallout 3 but I’d say only properly jumping into the franchise with Fallout 4.

Over the years the game has changed and evolved into its modern form but its aesthetic is pretty iconic in the gaming world. Weather it is the blue and yellow of the vault suit, the bulky helm of power armour or the poster child Vault Boy.

Fallout 4 for me was a great game in the series, exploring the desolate wasteland with my companions and encountering the occasional jump scare is always fun. Of course I had always heard the mixed reviews from older fans of the franchise.

2018 has now brought us Fallout 76 it’s an interesting concept though as a fan of single player games I haven’t picked it up yet. Fallout 76 has a beautiful more vibrant and actually green setting then we’re used to but is still recognisably fallout.

76’s choice to not include NPCs is another interesting choice with the focus on player to player interaction wether peaceful or not. However, the bugs and instability of the beta has drawn quite a lot of attention with a lot of people growing tired of the bugs that have become synonymous with Bethesda’s new releases.

Personally having not played 76 I am refraining from passing judgement but I would love to hear what your views of Fallout 76 are!

Hard to believe I’m 21 and how much the video games industry has changed over the years not to mention how much games have developed in size, scope and graphics. Over 21 years Fallout has continued to evolve and shift with the times and the technology available. The franchise has not been without its criticisms but has continued to stand as one of the most iconic RPG open world games in modern times.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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8 thoughts

    1. Thanks 😊 and I kinda agree I haven’t picked it up but I’m keeping an eye on the game I’m interested to see where it goes but at present from what I’ve heard I can’t say I’m impressed enough to want to pick it up


    1. Thanks I do keep meaning to have a look back I have some idea of what they’re like so I shouldn’t be too jarred by it. Though saying that I did go back and try to play Elder Scrolls Morrowind having started playing ES on Oblivion and found Morrowind a bit too old and difficult to get into!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I have fond memories of Fallout 3, but I still haven’t got around to finishing Fallout 4. I keep putting it down for some reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’ve still not finished Fallout 4s main quest either keep picking it up getting distracted by side quests and then putting it down without progressing the main quest still mean to pick up fallout 3 but not got round to it. I’ve heard real good things about Fallout3 like! 😁

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