Let’s Go Eevee!

Pokemon is one of those games that everyone has at least a passing familiarity with from hardcore gamers to non gamers. I first started playing Pokemon with Pokemon Diamond as a kid staring at the small screen of my Nintendo DS Lite. So I came to the Pokemon series a bit later than most, having missed the well known earlier games in the series.

In saying that when Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu was announced for the Switch I had to dig my Switch out of the box and charge it up for the first time in a good while.

I went with Let’s Go Eevee and by chance my brother bought Let’s Go Pikachu continuing the long tradition of us getting the opposite editions of the Pokemon series and haven’t regretted getting it.

Let’s Go Eevee, is filled with all the nostalgia I had expected from a Pokemon game. The gameplay was much the same as I had remembered however, with somewhat improved graphics and a few tweaks from earlier versions. Of course the Let’s Go Pokemon games are enhanced remakes of the earlier Pokemon Yellow games but as I have not played Pokemon Yellow I could only compare Let’s Go to the newer games I have played.

The most notable change is to how Pokemon are caught. Wild Pokemon have moved from random encounters in caves and long grass to being something you see moving through the environment for you to either target or avoid. Like in the mobile app Pokemon Go you don’t fight Pokemon to catch them instead you just throw the Pokeball and aim for the circle target over the Pokemon. I’m surprised by how much  I miss fighting my way through wild encounters weakening the Pokemon before trying to catch them. On top of that I have also found myself just avoiding the wild Pokemon that I know I’ve caught because there is no incentive to me to engage them even for XP.

I have played through a good few hours and so far the story has been pretty entertaining. I imagine that the storyline follows the same one as in Pokemon Yellow and seeing some of the older characters like Brock and Jessie and James of Team Rocket has made the game hugely enjoyable.

The games also include the original 151 Pokemon from the older series. This obviously makes sense in terms of the location and the link back to Pokemon Yellow. The use of the original Pokemon no doubt also helps to attract older players like myself who primarily played the older iterations in the series.

Let’s Go also includes integration with Pokemon Go. Since playing Let’s Go I have definitely found myself jumping back into Pokemon Go which I was not expecting. For me the two games work well together and suit the way I like to play Pokemon, dipping into and out of the game when I have time on the go.

So far I feel that I am only just beginning to jump into the game properly but have hugely enjoyed it so far. What I’d love to know is are you new to the series or an old time player of Pokemon? How you are finding Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee? 

Thanks for reading to the end!

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2 thoughts

  1. I’ve also been playing Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and so far its been really fun and nostalgic. Having played the original Pokemon Blue and Yellow, I can say Let’s Go Eevee has managed to recapture the feel of the older games. The only downside is that it may not be able to engage the hardcore Pokemon players, as the gameplay has been simplified a little, but on the other hand I think its a great game to introduce people to the Pokemon series with.

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    1. I agree I’m really enjoying it and it’s definitely captured the feel of older games though it’s definitely a more simplistic game then earlier ones as more of a casual player of Pokemon it’s less of an issue for me than some people like you’ve said. I am loving the nostalgia factor and it’s made me charge my Switch up again for the first time in a while so can’t complain!! 😁


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