Real Neat Blog Award

A Geeky Gal has kindly nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award, I love these kinds of awards and how they bring the community together. I would like to thank a Geeky Gal for the nomination and for the super interesting questions!

The Rules:

  • Display the Award Logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.

The Questions:

A Geeky Gal has pulled out some pretty awesome questions! So without further adieu let’s set the scene: you’ve just woken up in the hospital. You don’t remember who you are or why you are there. The hospital is completely empty… You dress and head outside into the unknown. You must make some life or death decisions now.

You need a partner for the apparent apocalypse that has taken place during your coma. Which video game character do you choose?

Which videogame character would I pick as my partner in the apocalypse? Well as I leave the hospital I imagine one of the most likely video game characters I would bump into scavenging in abandoned hospital would be Clementine. Clem would be my partner in crime. Maybe its a safe answer but I think Clem would be the perfect pal in the apocalypse, she’s a survivor with great knowledge and experience. Not to mention she seems like she would be great company in the apocalypse.


Great monsters are now roaming the lands you used to call home… what fearsome video game creatures do you see on the horizon?

Headed out with Clem from the hospital scanning the desolate wasteland on the horizon I would see the Falmer setting up their homes in runed buildings, roaming the darker corners of the town along with their Chaurus pets. The Falmer beginning to take over abandoned buildings.

Related imageImage result for falmer skyrim

I mean what would be more terrifying than an apocalypse full of hoards of Falmer and Chaurus?

You must pick a weapon to defend yourself with. What video game weapon do you choose?

As myself and Clem scavenge around the Hospital, I manage to find a strange crate. Opening it I pull out the Portal Gun! Maybe it’s not the most conventional weapon but who doesn’t want a Portal Gun? It’s the perfect way to clear a path through the Falmer hoards or get to those hard to reach places.

Image result for portal gun

You and your partner are seeking shelter for the night after a long day of fighting. What video game house/apartment/place do you bunker down in for the night?

Looking for shelter we would come across The Castle, the old crumbling fortress of the minute men. Perfectly defensible, strong walls, it’s the perfect place to hold up and fend of the hoards of Falmer.

Image result for the castle fallout 4

You’re getting awfully hungry battling those scary creatures. What video game food is in your pack?

Only one food comes to mind, opening my pack and looking for some food I find I have a small supply of Sweet Rolls. They may or may not have been stolen! Sweet Rolls aren’t exactly nutritious but in the apocalypse you take what you can get and I can only imagine how tasty Sweet Rolls would be.

Image result for sweet roll skyrim

You and your partner run across more survivors who ask to join your party, but one of them is a little shady. Which video game character is the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Somewhat reluctantly myself and Clem would eventually join with the other survivors. Amongst the honest people looking to survive Mr Jefferson (from Life is Strange) would be there among the survivors. He would be the wolf in Sheep’s clothing no one would suspect him though how long he would be able to lay low who knows.

Image result for mr jefferson life is strange

You hear of a place that’s been untouched by the apocalypse. What video game world do you hope it is?

Setting up shelter with the other people our party would sit round the campfire telling stories. I imagine that eventually we’d hear stories, rumours of a place untouched by the apocalypse. I would hope this untouched would would be Minecraftia the world of Minecraft. An almost pristine world of beautiful and wild land and villages full of other survivors.

Image result for minecraft

My Questions:

Following the apocalypse set up by my answers to A Geeky Gal’s questions I thought it would be nice to build on these questions to continue the tale…

Setting the scene: Following the apocalypse (I will leave the exact details up to your imagination)  it has been many years and  now the threat has ended and you and your community begin to look towards rebuilding society but how?

  • You have survived with your party for a number of years now and you look to rebuild. Which Video Game empire or government would you take as inspiration for your new society?
  • Inspiration in mind which video game character would you have as your advisor as your rebuild?
  • As your community grows you encounter scouts from another community they offer you a peace offering, the magical item of your desires. What magical video game item would you want?
  • Your people have grown and you need more space, around you are a number of abandoned settlements you could reclaim. Which video game town or city do you set your eyes on claiming?
  • While rebuilding this new settlement you dig too deep and uncover an ancient evil. What video game evil to you uncover?
  • A group comes forward offering to help you fight this new evil, which video game organisation/order comes to your aid?
  • Finally your community has become a small nation, part of a new world built out of the apocalypse. But the evil threat is still present. You take matters into your hands, selecting your greatest heros to face the enemy head on. Which three video games characters do you want by your side? And do you think you would win?

My Nominations:

Hannie, HannieBee Games

Normal Happenings

Arthifis, Arthifis’ Place

Kim, Later Levels



Thanks for reading to the end!

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    1. Thanks 😁 hope I did your questions justice anyways! And I mean you can’t beat Sweet Rolls right? Glad to hear I’m not the only one who went for that tasty treat though maybe it would mean we’d be competing in the apocalypse over the same resource 🤔


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