What’s Your Top Game of 2018?

Hey there everyone, sorry for the late post but with Christmas round the corner I don’t expect my posts to be as consistent at this time of year! (Christmas dinners and parties tend to take it out of you)

But without more of a delay we’ve come to a belated Wednesday post. The new year is fast approaching and with this year at its end I wanted to reflect on what was my favourite game of this year.

Honourable mentions:

The Walking Dead Final Season – would have been my top game if Telltale hadn’t imploded!

God of War – another top game but not having a PlayStation it couldn’t be my top game.

FarCry 5 – an amazingly fun game and my first introduction to FarCry.

Ok with my honourable mentions out the way my top game of 2018 would in fact be A Way Out.

A Way Out has been the game of this year that has stuck with me the most. For those who haven’t played the game it’s a indie split screen two player game where you and your friend are Vincent and Leo convicts who after a rough start decide to work together to try and escape prison and go after their mutual enemy. Simple right?

Well A Way Out requires two players, it has some amazing coop moments and puzzles requiring you to combine your skills to escape.

A Way Out stood out this year for me because it’s the first split screen 2 player game I’ve played in a long while. The coop is amazing and the cinematic scenes and transitions are beautiful (which come to think of it isn’t something I’ve ever noticed in a game before).

However my all time favourite part of the game is the story, Vincent and Leo are great characters and the way their personal stories are woven together and the twists and turns on the way are great! A Way Out got me and my friends laughing and chatting away problem solving and working together and by the end of the game we were so attached to our characters (I played Vincent) that the ending was all the more impactful.

A Way Out was a great game this year, it’s style and single player split screen only setup made for an interesting game and definitely one of my favourites of this year!

So what is your favourite game of 2018? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading to the end!

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