A Year in The Clan

Continuing the end of year tradition of reviewing 2018 and looking forward to 2019 I thought it would be worth reflecting on my posts this year. 2018 has been a crazy time and ClanGeek has grown more than I ever anticipated. This year has seen the 2nd year anniversary in March of my blog, reaching 100 then 200 followers on WordPress and hosting my first collaboration! (Not to mention all the other amazing milestones I have no doubt forgotten)

So I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who had read, followed or liked any of my posts and wanted to at least acknowledge the amazing bloggers on here, those I interact with somewhat regularly with and others that I read occasionally. I never quite feel like I have as much time as I would like to read all the posts out there but I try my best.

With that out the way I have decided to pick my top 5 posts I have written of 2018 and would love it if in the comments if you have a blog you show your favourite posts you have written this year too!

  1. Inspirational and Memorable Gaming Characters – Earlier this year I reflected on the most inspirational characters I have encountered in my gaming journey. All my pics are certainly still some of the most inspirational character’s I have met! Who are your most inspirational video game characters?
  2. DnD War Stories – Maybe a lesser known post of this year DnD War Stories covers some of my favourite moments from me and my friend’s old DnD campaign. The stories we share with our friends can be amazing and I would love to hear what your favourite DnD memories are from your games!
  3. Roots of Magic and Fantasy – A slight deviation from my usual posts. I have always been fascinated by the historical origins of concepts and modern ideas and Roots of Magic and Fantasy looks into the origins of magic in our world. It was a really interesting topic to dive into and super interesting!
  4. Representation in  Gaming – My last two pics are kind of linked. Representation in Gaming was one of those posts that just came out without planning. Before I knew it I had written and posted to the world that I am Asexual. I definitely don’t regret it. Representation in gaming and life in general is important and the comments I received were amazing and one fellow blogger managed to surprise me with their response….
  5. I’m Ace Thanks! – The last post on my list was my biggest and first ever collaboration with the amazing Livid Lightning through my post Representation in Gaming Lightning Ellen chose to comment and share her own experience of being Ace. I had not expected anyone else in the game blogging community to have a similar experience to my own and was flawed by her comment. Following this we decided to write a post each on our experiences of being Ace for Asexual awareness week this October. It was one of the most fun moments I have had and one of the stand out moments of my time blogging so far. Lightning Ellen thank you for that!

It was surprisingly hard to pick just five posts from this year. Looking back I have found my own style of writing has improved over the year and I still surprise myself by the fact that I keep on writing and finding stuff to say (well mostly). Blogging has always been a passion project for me, a hobby I did not know how long I would keep up. This year blogging has remained a passion and something I don’t just want to do half heartedly but something I want to continue to push to improve and write bigger and better posts. Somehow all around the other stuff I do in my week!

With 2018 out the way and a new year on the horizon. I just wanted to say one last thank you, I hope you have had a great year and will have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday.

In the comments below please share your favourite posts you have written this year!

Thanks for reading to the end!

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  1. It was super awesome to do that ace collab with you! Definitely the highlight of my blogging year, haha. Keep up the great work! Here’s to an even better 2019 🙂

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