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It’s good to be back! Since my break for the most part I’ve managed to stay well away from not just blogging but social media as well. However, I still kept up to date on some of the latest news from the gaming world including the rather entertaining events around Fallout 76 and Bethesda.

One of the most interesting topics to come to light seemingly around the same time as the Fallout 76 controversy is the questioning of the future of AAA gaming.

AAA games have been a dominant force in gaming for a long time. Developed and published by some of the largest companies in the industry many of the most popular and well known gaming franchises have risen out of this classification of gaming from Assassins Creed to the Sims.

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What’s Changed ?

AAA games have always had access to larger resources and funding then other areas of the gaming world so the question is what seems to have changed to make people question their future? Over the stagnation in AAA titles. Innovation has seemingly slowed with franchises churning out very similar games (sometimes year on year) making it hard for us gamers to get hyped for the next game in our favourite franchises.

We have also seen a rise of the indie game, smaller publishers have released some amazing games and over the years the quality of these smaller games have become almost on par with that of AAA.

On top of this the funding strategies of AAA games have increasingly shifted towards in games transactions, subscriptions and micro transactions. As these have become more widespread there seems to be a growing sense of discontent for gamers.

What Does It Mean?

At this point it’s hard to really say what any of this means. One of the most interesting YouTube videos I’ve watched on this topic looks into more detail into some of the other speculation and arguments for the decline of AAA and is definitely worth a watch:

I think whatever the outcome it’s clear that there are changes coming in the gaming world this year that are difficult to predict. Gaming by far is not going away but the habits of gamers and the industry as a whole are shifting and it will be interesting to see where things go and what you make of AAA gaming and where the industry will go.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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2 thoughts

  1. For me there is certainly a harmoginization of these titles that share a number of familiar tropes be they light rpg mechanics or light stealth elements for instance. For its faults appreciated RDR2 attempted to tell it’s own tale although even then with a weak narrative is being judged more harshly now than on its release.

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    1. There’s definitely been an increased level of harmoginisation (I love that word!) it will definitely be interesting to see where it goes and what new games or developers may rise to the top!


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