My 2019 Reading List: Time To Raid The Bookshelf!

Starting last year I committed to making a reading list for the year, to help motivate myself to read more. The whole reason behind the idea was that since finishing school and no longer being required to read I stopped; even though I enjoy it. Quickly I noticed the impact that had on myself. Reading helped me to take space away from a screen, allowed myself and my imagination to explore and helped me to learn new words and improve my writing.

I did not manage to read all the books on my list however, I managed to read 2.5 of the 5 books on the list which was more than I had read all of the last few years. So building on the success of my 2018 reading list this year I have sat down and planned out my 2019 list. So without further delay lets raid my bookshelf and see what’s in store for 2019 and in the comments below share what you are reading or would recommend people read this year!

The Two Towers

img_3713The Two Towers (The Lord of The Rings Book 2) is first on my list. Last year I had impressed myself by being able to read The Fellowship cover to cover. I was totally drawn in by The Fellowship and I cannot wait to dive into the next book in the series. Its one of those books that doesn’t really need an introduction. I am a huge fan of the mythos of Tolkien’s Middle Earth and I have loved both the Lord of The Rings film trilogy and the Hobbit series.

While I love the world I have never read the original books before. The writing style is somewhat dated however making them more challenging to read (it took me a long time to read The Fellowship) but to get a truer understanding of the passage of time, the relationships between the characters and their own personal developments across the stories I really can’t wait to complete the trilogy. There is something beautiful about the rich and complex world Tolkien has created and from what I have so far read the books may be the best way to understand Tolkien’s creation.

Mistborn: The Final Empire


The Final Empire: Mistborn Book One: 1 has made a reappearance from my last reading list. I never got round to reading it sadly and this year I have decided to committing to see this through! The Final Empire is set in a medieval, dystopian world one thousand years after the long prophesied hero defeated the great darkness (pretty standard so far).

Scadrial is a land of ash where all plants are brown, and a supernatural mist covers the land every night.

One thousand years before the start of the novel, the prophesied Hero ascended to godhood in an attempt to defeat the Deepness, a great threat to the world that’s true origin and nature has been lost to time.

Having defeated the Deepness the Hero now immortal  became Lord Ruler and ruled over the Final Empire as their immortal god. What makes this fantasy tale different from all the others is that the long-awaited hero has since became a corrupted force. Under his rule, society is divided into the nobility and the brutally oppressed peasantry, known as skaa. I have intentionally avoided learning too much about the plot but look forward to  see how the tale unfolds in a world where the hero has become the villain…

The Lost Plot

img_3715.jpgThe Lost Plot, the Invisible Library series has been perhaps my all time favourite book series that I was totally obsessed with last year. The Lost Plot is the fourth book in The Invisible Library series and follows the continued adventures of Irene and her apprentice Kai members of the Invisible library. The Library operates across a variety of alternate realities attempting to secure rare texts and knowledge.

This world is a rich and amazing setting filled with alternate realities, magic and the eternal conflict between the forces of order the Dragons and the forces of Chaos the Fey. The first two books the Invisible Library and the Masked City are filled with spies and plots, kidnapping mysteries in a steampunk alternative London.

A Darker Shade of Magic


A Darker Shade of Magic is the final book on my list. One of the books on my shelf that I had bought ages ago and left untouched gathering dust. Following in the same vein as The Invisible Library series A Darker Shade is set in a magical setting following Kell one of the last travellers who has the ability to travel between parallel universes. I have intentionally not looked more into the book and can’t wait to dive in and find out where the story goes.


Making time to read can be difficult but worth while. What books are you reading this year? Or do you have any recommendations to read this year?

Thanks for reading to the end!

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2 thoughts

  1. I also plan to read the Two Towers and A Darker Shade of Magic. I’d also like to get started on something Brandon Sanderson because I’ve never read any of his books before and feel like a bad geek because of it. Hopefully, 2019 is the year that all of this happens!

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    1. I know how you feel I’ve not read any Brandon Sanderson before so really think it’s high time I read his books! Hope you manage to read through all the books you’ve planned to this year! 😁

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