Why I Play Games?

Over the years of playing video games one question I’ve always been asked by people not familiar with the hobby is why I play them. As I’ve got older I’ve often reflected on the question and found over time my reasons for playing games has changed.

As a kid I played games almost entirely for fun. I would sink hours into games just for the enjoyment of them. Gaming had replaced Tv as my main form of entertainment and by far my favourite game at the time was minecraft. I used to love playing it for the freedom of the sandbox world. The options in minecraft are almost limitless and whether you focus on building or adventuring there’s always something to do. Not to mention all the different mod packs offered some amazing new things to explore.

Since getting older I’ve found that the games I play and the way I play them has changed. I now spend less time gaming and am more selective of the games I do play. The time constraints obviously come with, well you know life and work. I also find that I now play games like I read books. I look for video games that have an interesting story or premise that I want to explore. I love more narrative focused games or ones with deep lore like Hellblade, The Walking Dead or A Way Out.

It’s interesting to see how over time the way we play video games or consume other media can change. Over the years I’ve found that I’ve become more selective and conscious of what I’m playing and it’s interesting to see how your habits around a hobby or favourite past time can change with time.

If you’re a gamer let’s share in the comments why you play video games and if that reason has changed over time?

Thanks for reading to the end!

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11 thoughts

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Matt, awesome post!

        Hellblade, The Walking Dead or A Way Out—Very ture, these games do have a deep lore and are more narrative. It sounds to me like “The Last of Us” will also fit in this criteria. I don’t know if you’ve played it but the game is incredibly amazing.

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        1. I haven’t been able to play the Last of Us Sadly but it definitely falls in this category! I don’t have a PlayStation but managed to watch a play though, I’m definitely considering getting the console though for Last of Us 2!


  1. Part escapism depending on the game but more and more for the creative aspect. What inspired me personally in the last half year was using games for their creative merits and championing these to a larger audience, espeically breaking down the development work. Find this fascinating to explore in detail and depth. Really gain an insight into the design process which is just as fun for me at the moment as playing the actual games.

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    1. Well put! I definitely also play games part for escapism but similarly I have moved to being more interested in the narrative and creative aspects of games, looking into the development of games is defiantly always facilitating I’m blown away by the amount of work, time and research put in by developers into the games they love!

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      1. I know the end result can often be a little derivative in how they come across but delving into the Art books for a number of the ubisoft games always amazed at the attention to detail and methodology in their world building. Gameplay aside the creation aspect is amazing.

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        1. I agree seeing the art and concepts that feed into games is fascinating you get to see what the game could be if all the limitations of technology time and money weren’t a factor!


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