Let The Adventure Begin!

Starting a new DnD campaign is always for me one of the most interesting parts of the game. It’s the time where me and my friends get to talk about the kind of story we want to explore, the kinds of characters we want to play and the world in which we want our characters to  live and adventure in.

We have started a few DnD games to date our longest campaign lasted a bit over 2 years and to date we still look back on it with fond memories of crazy adventures and near death situations. However, starting a campaign takes a bit of preparation and time before the adventure can truly get underway.

One of the first things me and my friends discussed was the type of game we wanted to play. For a long time we have stuck to the more traditional set up of good vs evil playing heroes seeking to make a name for ourselves and save the world. This time round we agreed we wanted something a bit more morally ambiguous. So my friends went away to plan their characters and I’ve gone away to plan the world.

Coming back together we discussed the characters they had planned out, I got a feel for their character’s personalities and backstories and I revealed the world to them. The new setting is based in an extremely mountainous land. Towns and cities are built into sloping hillsides or carved out of the peaks of mountains. Twisting mountain passes make travel long and dangerous and in the steep valleys below dense forests and bestial races keep civilisation at bay, clinging to the mountain tops like islands.

Developing a new setting is always fun for me, I love world building and getting to build a new world with my friends which we can then explore in game. Increasingly since playing DnD I have also encouraged my friends to build on the world. Getting them to come up with ideas for areas I haven’t fully fleshed out that hold significance to their characters.

This new setting is a harsh and dangerous world. One in which ordinary folk are regularly thrust into unpleasant situations with tough choices to make. This world has no heroes. So let the adventure begin!

In the comments below what settings have your built for DnD or what settings have you played in? If you haven’t played DnD yet what sort of world would you build?

Thanks for reading to the end!

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