Broken Toys

The Walking Dead Final Season is back from the dead! The 3rd episode Broken Toys has been released and the final episode part 4 is due for release in March. I was thrilled if apprehensive after the closure of Telltale games to hear that The Walking Dead was being picked up by Skybound.

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Broken Toys picks up where all the chaos of “Suffer The Children” left off with the steaks higher for Clem and AJ than ever before. As with the hole of the final season so far the new episode puts the need to balance survival with teaching the young and impressionable AJ to not be evil front and centre. From the start of the episode you are met with some  difficult choices where I was hyper aware of AJ’s presence and what lessons he could draw from Clem’s (my) actions.

The story is a great continuation of the arc and does a lot to develop the threads left in Episode 2 and make this middle of the last season feel just as exciting as the begining has been and (hopefully) how the ending will turn out.

Throughout the series The Walking Dead has heavily hinted at a circular pattern between events in the first episode between Lee and Clem and the situations in which you and AJ find yourselves. This episode has leaned further into this including (spoilers) AJ and Clem having a philosophical debate about what AJ should do if Clem gets bitten. The strong repetition and foreshadowing has me worried for how the final episode will play out and if AJ finds himself in the same position Clem did with Lee. By worried I of course mean excited!


Broken Toys was not without its faults facing drops in framerate and a few moments where the game felt less polished that normal. However, as this game was developed by Telltale then published by Skybound its understandable that in the uncertainty of the transition the first of the last two episodes under Skybound may not be the most complete. In fact it seems Broken Toys was largely finished by Telltale but had not been QA tested which explains the rough edges. With the final episode being almost exclusively in the hands of Skybound to develop I’m hopeful that the final episode will offer the send off this series and Clementine deserves.

What are your feelings on Broken Toys? And where do you thing Clem and Aj’s story will end? Share your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading to the end!

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