The Gathering Storm – Civ 6 DLC

This week I have been jumping back into Civilisation 6, the turn based strategy that sees you guiding your nation through history in search of reaching one of a number of victory conditions from world conquest to cultural dominance.

The Civ series has always been somewhat renown for being dramatically expanded upon in the DLC that’s released and the newest DLC The Gathering Storm is no different. This newest DLC adds natural disasters and global warming into the series offering more challenges to the aspiring world conqueror.

The natural disasters come in the form of freak weather, volcanoes and floods and makes the calculations you make about where to settle your cities even more complex adding a new layer to the game. Rivers offer fertile lands but also the risk of flooding similarly volcanoes fertilise surrounding land so are useful for farms but damage and destroy your buildings near by.

Climate Change is the other major addition and offers one of the first accurate representations of the phenomenon I’ve seen in gaming. As your civilisation grows and you unlock new technologies the emissions you and the other nations emit into the world begin to impact the terrain. Once fertile grasslands can become desert and most dramatically sea levels can periodically rise risking your cities and improvements and forcing you to try and adapt or lose to the forces of nature.

The final addition to Civ 6 is the reintroduction of the World Congress. The system existed in Civilisation 5 introduced similarly in a DLC and offers the ability to make collective decisions with other players or AI offering unique boosts or punishments to other civilisations based on a point and voting system. Out of all the additions of The Gathering Storm the diplomatic update is my least favourite in my opinion. The way decisions are made and voting conducted feels somewhat random and unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

Over all The Gathering Storm is a great addition to Civ 6 and adds in many old features and new ones that make Civ feel more polished and on par with its predecessor Civ 5 which for some time has still stood out to fans as the better of the two games. If I had one complaint about Civ 6 is that of the pricing, the standalone game is much improved by the DLC but the game and each DLC all add up so it would be interesting to see how other gamers feel about Civ 6. Have you played it or what is your favourite Civilisation Game?

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